A top hat, and an awful lot of pink. Wedding at the Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire wedding photographer.

It has to be said; Miriam likes pink. Miriam has always liked pink, which is why it’s the overwhelming theme in her childhood bedroom, and why it was a big feature of her wedding day. That’s great. I like pink too.

See what I mean? We had a fun morning at the house in Thame as all the girls got ready, lubricated with a little Prosecco.

MCMM wed 060

Miriam looked sensational as her dad, Paul, saw her in her dress for the first time. It’s always such an amazing moment, which I remember very clearly from my own daughter’s wedding day.

MCMM wed 120

Meanwhile, Matt was waiting patiently at The Oxfordshire, for the arrival of his bride.

Matt was in traditional morning dress, complete with top hat, and he was very attached to the latter. I don’t think it was a lifelong affection, as Miriam’s is with pink; but a fleeting love.

MCMM wed 133MCMM wed 138


MCMM wed 149The ceremony itself was really interesting. It started with a civil ceremony, much the same as many I photograph, but was followed with a Jewish ceremony. Paul walked Miriam down the aisle, and from speaking to him afterwards, this was one of the proudest moments of his life. I think you can see he is loving every second

MCMM wed 203

MCMM wed 276MCMM wed 285MCMM wed 298MCMM wed 305MCMM wed 323MCMM wed 328MCMM wed 332MCMM wed 336After the ceremony, we got everybody together for a big group shot

MCMM wed 343

MCMM wed 394MCMM wed 403MCMM wed 413MCMM wed 419

The Oxfordshire boasts a lake, which can be a great location for couple’s shots.

MCMM wed 432MCMM wed 443MCMM wed 449MCMM wed 458MCMM wed 469MCMM wed 475

I don’t think they put this chap off his swing!

Prior to the wedding breakfast, Matt and Miriam led a very energetic session of Israeli dancing. I have a theory that this is a tradition originally conceived by a committee of brides’ fathers, as the main purpose of it appears to be to so exhaust the groom that he will have no energy reserves by the end of the evening.

MCMM wed 495MCMM wed 541MCMM wed 556MCMM wed 499MCMM wed 519MCMM wed 525

I get exhausted just looking at these photos!

So, to lunch, and cake cutting.

After the wedding breakfast, Miriam and Matt took some time out for themselves (and me, obvs.)

8Z0A4393MCMM wed 682MCMM wed 691

We witnessed some pretty awesome Dad (and Mums) dancing too!

MCMM wed 719MCMM wed 727MCMM wed 747MCMM wed 753

Thanks to Miriam and Matt for asking me to photograph your day.